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Welcome to my Place...
This blog is for those folks who are interested in computer tweaks..
Do it on your own risk !!, i am not responsible for any sort of misuse
All posts are tested, nothing fake over here.. If you like, comments on it..

✔ Keyboard Hacked

Hello Friends,

FreeHackTech brought to you a Vb-script (vbs) files which will Hack your / your Friend's Keyboard.

This is a simple script that makes use of the Windows Script Host (WSH) environment..

1. Download the Keyboard Hacks.rar File [Click Here to download]
2. Extract it with winrar (Right click on downloaded file, press "Extract Here")
3. Enter password as,  freehacktech
4. Open folder "Keyboard Hacks" and Open any one of four files.

and see magic....
There is a nothing gonna harm your computer.....

Its Really Interesting, Try it n Send this files to your friends too..

And Have a fun!!

Any Problems Leave comments below & ask me..
Thank You

Saturday, July 31, 2010

✔ Orkut Problems !!

Using orkut is a great way to meet new people and get in touch with old friends. But it's also used by millions of people and there are certain things orkut members should keep in mind while using the site. Due to orkut's open nature, we realize that users' accounts can become compromised through phishing schemes, viruses and spyware. Fortunately, users can help secure their own account and their online identity quickly and easily. Here are some general tips and guidelines you should follow when using orkut:

Don't script, ever !!
Never copy and paste a web address or script (code) into your browser while signed into orkut, no matter what it claims to do. Don't click links in scraps or emails that claim to be from orkut, Google or Gmail.

✔ What  users can do to stop this ?

→ Report the URLs at
→ Stop script (running JavaScript in Orkut).
→ Tell friends about these scams and to be safe.
→ Delete the auto-generated scam thread in the communities.

✔ What happens when the script runs ?

→ Edits your about me, status and even picture.
→ Send scraps to your friends to run the script.
→ Post threads on the communities you joined.
→ Comment on photos of your friends
→ Automatically joins their Community (like FREE RECHARGE)
→ Send testimonials etc.

It looks like,

✔ I have already run the script. Now what should i do?

→ Clear cookies and Cache
→ Change your account settings ie, password & security question.
→ Edit your about me, status etc which was changed by the script.
→ Remove Community (like FREE RECHARGE, if u have & which u haven't join before)
→ Never run any type of scripts again.

If you find any fake pages like this then get them deleted by Google :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010